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2020 Partners’ Letter

December 18, 2020

Hello from the gorgeous Pacific coast of Costa Rica!

These are the seasons of the year we all look forward to, the flowers and trees are full, the skies are clear and vibrant blue, gentle offshore breezes lead our gaze out to the warm currents in the ocean. 

It is hard to put into words the bittersweetness of being surrounded by such beauty as the world goes through the challenges it has faced this last year. Somehow, the world continues to turn, the seasons change, plants, animals and tides go through their normal cycles. Yet, nothing has been normal this year for any of us…

For the partners and employees of Senderos and Integer Development, we have always focused on the experience we are creating first. Senderos is more than a group of homes and roads, it is a community, within a larger community. 

Working through the pandemic and shutdowns with residents and community managers and the larger town of Tamarindo has been relatively seamless. By and large, our community is a responsible and healthy tribe and the government has done a great job helping us all stay safe. (Of course it was not without a few bumps in the road along the way… we treasure our beaches and us locals really didn’t like having our beach time restricted–there was certainly some grumbling about that!)

As a community we ban together, we distribute food to those in need, we look out for one another and, through resilience and creativity, we find ways to keep going. It’s a remarkable place to call home.

But beyond the experience, we are also a business. And like every business this past year we have had to hold on tight. Bracing ourselves through three quarters of closed borders. Our normal operations, which focus on sales tours and constructing dream homes, were forced to slow, and instead, we focused on protecting the business and making sure that, whenever we all came out the other side, we would be strong and prepared to get things going again.

The fourth quarter of the year gave us some hope, with borders opening on October 15th and mobility throughout the country loosened up, meetings, inquiries, sales tours, contracts and closings have started again.

The increased activity in this market, similar to the US and other markets, gives us more than hope, it gives us confidence. With the US election behind us, a vaccine program rolling out, and no huge swings in the market, we see a solid first quarter of 2021 for Senderos. 

Our plan, now that we see the other side, is to make 2021 an extraordinary year of progress in Senderos. We will continue working with the municipal authorities on permits and our talented architects and designers on designs. As each sale closes, we will reignite the Senderos Trust, financed by those sales, and begin again to tangibly give back to the larger community. 

We will continue on our roadmap for revitalizing existing infrastructure and adding new infrastructure and amenities. And most of all, with a Natural Modern approach to design, sustainability and innovation, we will continue to build homes and spaces that resonate with people all over the world–people looking for a safe, healthy, energizing place to both invest and call home.

We are very much looking forward to 2021. Reconnecting with our neighbors in meaningful ways and welcoming new guests and owners into Senderos.

With warmest regards,