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Luxury Adventures, Our Vision, and Leaving Your Mark | The Senderos Newsletter April 2024

Designed to Discover | The Senderos Vision
Progress Across the Project
Sold! 27-E Has New Homeowners!
We 💜 Tama | Guanacaste Is Your Playground
The Tamarindo Almanac | Leaving Your Mark
Welcome to the Team!

Designed to Discover | The Senderos Vision 

“When I first walked the property, I was moved emotionally… how something so pristine, with the views [it has] existed right inside Tamarindo.”

— Managing Partner Curtis Peart

“Living here, you almost have to pinch yourself sometimes.” 

— Managing Partner Matthew Goldberg

We were lucky to share a sit-down discussion with both Managing Partners Curtis Peart and Matthew Goldberg recently, both long-term residents of Guanacaste and the on-site visionaries that have brought Senderos as we know it to life. 

The video above includes some of the highlights of these far-ranging conversations, which covered life in Costa Rica, the vision for Senderos, and how Tamarindo influences the adventures, lifestyle, and longevity of the Senderos project.

One thing became clear, both from our conversations with the Partners as well as every discussion you have with the members of the Senderos team and visitors to the property — there is a gripping, emotional, and moving effect this place has on you. 

Your Private Paradise Awaits!

Indulge in the Best of Coastal Living. Experience the Relaxation, Beauty, and Serenity of Costa Rica in Tamarindo’s Premier Development.

And that’s not limited to just Senderos. The reason so many people choose to stay here and build a life isn’t because of the numbers, the data, or the science, it’s because there is some incredible, almost indescribable power of natural beauty intertwined with colorful, vibrant, and lively small towns. 

And we hope that the video above has helped capture that feeling if only even a glimpse. Hoping to show you more when you come to visit next. 

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From Foundations to Fiber Optic | Progress Across the Project

Aerial view of a hilly residential area with scattered houses surrounded by dense greenery. Paths or narrow roads connect the homes. Trees and vegetation cover the hills.

Across Senderos, infrastructure is coming along nicely, and that doesn’t just mean roads and paving. Electrical and fiber optic, stormwater management, and even some decorative elements of the hardscape and landscaping are all coming together under the hard work of the Senderos construction and infrastructure team.

Starting from completed phases and moving outward, we’re seeing huge progress in the construction of streets and common areas to connect Phase 2 of Senderos with the mountaintop homes of 26E. These streets consist of two layers of compacted base material, concrete, and finished paving material with patterns and designs, for a gorgeous finishing touch.

Elsewhere on the 26E mountaintop, progress continues with underground pipelines to supply electrical and fiber optic service to the new homes, ensuring that homes will be primed and ready to live in.

Workers install underground cables in a trench along a rural road. One worker stands while the others crouch to position the cables. All are wearing protective gear including helmets and vests.

Moving further out into the project, you can see the results too. On existing dirt roadways, retaining walls and retention systems are being installed, which double as decorative elements integrated into the wall and the hardscape and landscape designs of Senderos.

A construction worker in a yellow hard hat and reflective vest is working on a curved, partially built masonry wall near a road. Concrete pillars and construction materials are visible.

Earthworks for the construction of new internal roads are also underway, a complex process that includes excavations for material as well as the installation of stormwater pipes, along with demolitions of disruptive rock formations in the soil to allow sturdy foundations.

Excavator working on a hillside, moving dirt and rocks. A worker can be seen in the foreground, with a staircase and trees in the background.

Each of these upcoming roadways will have its own unique character and features in the future, though that’ll be a report for another time. For now, we’re happy to celebrate the concrete placement on Via Senderos, one of the longest internal roads in the project. That stabilized base of concrete is the final stage before laying the cobblestones, and the last step before Via Senderos will really start to feel complete!

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SOLD! #1 Via Torre is Set to Welcome A Gorgeous Home

A modern outdoor pool area with lounge chairs and umbrellas, overlooking a scenic view of green hills and a distant mountain range.

At the entrance to Phase 3, Homesite 27-E boasts massive mountain and valley views. Add in the as-planned home design, and a few tweaks to customize it perfectly to the needs of our new homeowners, and we couldn’t be more excited with the results.

And with so much infrastructure happening on the south side of the mountain, it’s a great time to remember that we are releasing both lots and home designs! Unobstructed ocean views, stretching 7 Kilometers down the coast over Langosta, Pinilla, all the way to Avellanas and even Negra, with fully titled lots and home designs ready?

[Discover What Awaits in Phase 3]

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We 💜 Tama | Guanacaste Is Your Playground

Cozy seating area on a yacht with a white table in the center holding wine bottles, a pineapple, and a candle; lake view in the background.

When it comes to creating a truly luxurious experience, thoughtful attention to even the smallest details makes all the difference. And if there’s anyone we’d trust to create an incomparable day (or more) on the water, it’s the team behind Playgrounds Luxury Adventures. 

Hosted on the gorgeous, state-of-the-art 51’ Playgrounds PowerCat, complete with 3 full bedrooms and bathrooms, the Playgrounds excursions give you the freedom of the seas of Guanacaste and an expert crew to host you on fishing, diving, surfing, sightseeing, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and any other activity that strikes you.  

There are other catamaran tours departing from Tamarindo and other yacht excursions, but very few can match the superlative attention to detail, thoughtful service, top-end comfort, and fine cuisine and beverage options offered by a luxury adventure with Playgrounds. 

You can learn all about Playgrounds and their excursions on their website.

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The Tamarindo Almanac | Leaving Your Mark

A sailboat is anchored in calm waters at sunset, with the sun low on the horizon and a clear sky.

Within the rich canvas of Guanacaste, where small towns are growing, new developments are coming to life, and the feeling of possibility has never been stronger, there’s maybe no better example of a place where things are happening than Tamarindo. There are bigger towns in the region, and there are other surf villages all along the coast. There are luxury developments to the north and south, and inland. But if you ask around to the locals, the residents, the expats, and even the visitors, Tamarindo is the place where, at least right now, things are moving. 

If you’re a seasonal resident, every time you come back you get to walk the strip with eyes peeled for new shops, improvements to familiar restaurants and breweries, new art and street murals, and craft stalls. If you live here year-round, these things happen right in front of your eyes, and the calendar of events seems to grow more colorful and more interesting by the day. 

If you choose to come live in Tamarindo, you can absolutely just retreat to your porch, sip a beverage, and watch the town evolve around you. But one thing our homeowners and even our future homeowners have begun to do with vigor and purpose is to get involved and seize opportunities to leave their own small mark on Tamarindo. 

Look closely enough, and listen well enough, and there are always opportunities to get more involved in Tamarindo. There are community organizations and NGOs constantly working to improve Tamarindo and its lifestyle, there are always freshly budding chances to support new music, craftsmanship, fashion, and the arts. There are family activities to join and become regulars at, sports clubs to find shared passions, and the economic climate almost always tends to be favorable to opening your own small business or service offering. 

In a small town, in a small region where everyone knows everyone, little ripples that you make by getting out and getting involved are noticeable, and they make a difference not only on Tamarindo itself but also on you, and how you relate to this tropical paradise. 

There’s no need to rush. There’s potential to discover here all the time, and if you listen, take in some of that Costa Rican patience, and follow your instincts, you’ll find a way to carve your own mark into the growing community of Tamarindo. Simply by building a dream home here, you’ve already made a contribution to the landscape and the neighborhood, and like the families we’ve seen leap into life in Tamarindo already, the chance to be more than just a long-term visitor is waiting. The rest is up to you. 

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Welcome to the Team!

Emmanuel Baizán | Visualization Team Manager 

Two scuba divers swim underwater near a rocky formation, surrounded by clear blue water while wearing scuba gear, including masks, tanks, and flippers.

Emmanuel hails from Cartago, near the capital, and has been at the forefront of architectural digital modeling in Costa Rica for years. With a wealth of experience in architecture firms that branched out into visual storytelling, Emmanuel has worked with experts like Inverse Project (key Senderos architects) and architectural heritage conservation projects at the University of Costa Rica and has even founded his own company. 

Now, Emmanuel joins Senderos to continue learning and evolving his skills and is excited to bring his experience in modeling, visualizations, and graphic storytelling into the Senderos world.

In his spare time, Emmanuel loves to get active in any way he can, whether that’s playing basketball, cycling, running, hiking, and learning to surf since he’s gotten to Tamarindo. On the creative side, he’s an avid reader, a classically-trained painter, and even dabbles in animation.

Karla Quirós | Project Manager 

A person wearing a red jacket and blue pants stands with a hiking pole, looking at a distant mountain range under a cloudy sky.

Karla is a native Costa Rican who began her professional career in the field of pavement engineering, bridges, hydraulic dams, and related areas for several years. Later, she transitioned to the construction of luxury residences and hotels in Guanacaste, which she’s been doing for the past 8 years and excelling thanks to her sharp mind for organization, attention to detail, and dedication to seeing projects all the way through. A great fit for the Senderos team!

In her downtime, Karla likes to get out and about, whether that’s traveling, swimming, running, mountain biking, and more — passions that have all been reignited thanks to her move back to Guanacaste. Another thing that’s been reignited in Karla, she explains, is the caring nature of people on the Senderos team and in Guanacaste in general. To quote her, “The warmth of [Guanacaste’s] people and the quality of life are incomparable.”

Wilfrido Cascante | IT coordinator 

A man wearing a green shirt feeds a giraffe through a fence. The giraffe is leaning down to reach the man's hand. Trees and a blue sky with clouds are in the background.

Hailing from Pérez Zeledón, Wilfrido has been an IT professional his entire career, working for companies like Hewlett Packard, DXC, Tek Experts, and Microsoft in a slew of different roles ranging from engineer to data analyst to personnel trainer. He joins the Senderos team ready to sink his teeth in and help keep the complex technological backend of the entire Senderos system humming along smoothly. 

In his spare time, Wilfrido enjoys the outdoors, whether that’s hiking, swimming, or visiting new places, and he says that all of those activities are better when you’re spending quality time with family and friends. Glad he’s joined us and lives close to Tamarindo, where you can find all of those things and more!

Ana Guzmán | Customer Advocate  

A person swims freestyle in an outdoor pool. They wear a swim cap and goggles, and the pool is divided into lanes with blue, red, and white lane markers. A white fence and trees are in the background.

Ana is originally from San José, where she trained as an architect and designer leading to a 10-year career in the construction industry. But eventually, it became time to shift gears, and Ana moved to Guanacaste in 2018 to be closer to the sea. 

As an avid open-water swimmer, it was a natural fit for Ana, who now lives in Playa Grande just across the estuary from Tamarindo. Today, she enjoys getting to swim every day and soaking in the spectacular views and sunsets (both at work and walking the beach with her dog Taco). She brings her experience and considerate nature to the customer advocacy team for Senderos.

Welcome to Ana, Wilfrido, Karla, and Emmanuel!

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