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A Year Full of Progress! | Senderos Newsletter December 2023

A Year Full of Progress
It Takes a Lot of Hands (And Minds)
A Little Bit of Everything to Discover | We 💜 Tama
2023 Closes with Guanacaste on a Roll
Connecting with What Matters Over the Holiday | The Tamarindo Almanac
A Holiday Message from Our Team

Every day, there’s progress happening in Senderos on construction, design, infrastructure projects, and much more, and that progress adds up over the course of a year. Visions become designs, then designs lead to foundations, foundations lead to construction and gray work, and then on into exteriors, landscaping, and interior design. 

Your Private Paradise Awaits!

Indulge in the Best of Coastal Living. Experience the Relaxation, Beauty, and Serenity of Costa Rica in Tamarindo’s Premier Development.

Each day, progress is incremental and steady, but the final result of all those days of work is a completed dream home ready to welcome a new family. As we wind down a busy year of work, we’re thrilled to be able to share images from six completed homes around Senderos!

Modern two-story house with wooden ceiling, large glass windows, and an outdoor area featuring palm trees, sun loungers, and a swimming pool.

Casa Agape, #5 Vista Grande (Homesite 3-E)

With #5 Vista Grande complete, the oceanview neighborhood is really starting to take shape. “Sunset Sanctuary” is truly a fitting name for this west-facing 4-bedroom villa, which comes alive in the evening hours to showcase the legendary Guanacaste sunsets over the sea.

A spacious indoor living area with wooden furniture opens to a patio overlooking a scenic sunset, ocean, and mountains. The room features floor-to-ceiling windows and modern decor.

#7 Vista Grande (Homesite 4-E)

Just nearby at #7 Vista Grande is a custom home that offers an equally eye-catching design with gorgeous views. An example of the flexibility of the Senderos Homebuilding process, #7 Vista Grande was originally sold as just a lot for development, and together with the Senderos design team, the new homeowners have created a dream home that is truly their own. 

An infinity pool reflecting the sunset, surrounded by modern architecture and lush greenery, with an ocean view and a mostly clear sky.

#9 Vista Grande (Homesite 5-E)

#9 Vista Grande, just next door, has been completed and offers such a breathtaking panorama from all levels of the home that the design’s original listing headline — “Magnificent Ocean View” — now somehow seems like an understatement. 

Modern house with large glass windows, outdoor seating area, and illuminated swimming pool at twilight.

#20 Via Senderos (Homesite 3-D)

Over on #20 Via Senderos, the home affectionately called “Perfect Modern Tropical” has been finished and truly lives up to its name. From the airy and welcoming interiors out to the dining room and pool terrace, you’re never far from the gorgeous views and the welcoming embrace of nature in this little slice of Tamarindo’s coastal paradise. 

Modern two-story house with large windows, an outdoor pool, and surrounding greenery on a hillside.

#31 Via Senderos (Homesite 24-E)

Via Senderos has also welcomed the completion of #31 Via Senderos. This lot-to-home project truly captures the owners’ vision of what Tamarindo living can be — fresh, bright, stylish, and strikingly modern, yet seamlessly integrated with nature. 

A modern living room with large glass windows offering a panoramic view of a green landscape. The room features a beige sectional sofa, several chairs, a coffee table, and a ceiling fan.

#12 La Corona (Homesite 15-E)

And to wrap up these recently completed homes (with more to come in 2024!) is #12 La Corona. Perched high up overlooking the ocean, this gorgeous home was designed to offer views so panoramic that no matter where you look you can’t quite capture it all. There’s arguably no better place to sit and take in all of the vast beauty of Guanacaste and the Pacific!

Aerial view of a hilly, green landscape dotted with houses and roads, under a partly cloudy sky.

Progress on the Senderos Mountainside

As you can see above, from the outside, the transformation of the mountainside as these homes come together is striking. But what we’re most thrilled about is the fact that we can officially welcome homeowners into these new homes as we go into 2024. Between them and several new families who have purchased Phase 1 homes, the Senderos community is truly starting to take shape.

So from everyone on the Senderos team, allow us to extend our most sincere thanks for entrusting us with your dream homes, and working alongside us to help bring your vision of this community to life. For 2024, and hopefully, for many years to come, we’re honored to welcome all of our new homeowners to the neighborhood!

We even had a wedding proposal happen out on homesite 4-F in our newest inventory on the south side of the project. How’s that for progress? What a year❣️!!

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It Takes a Lot of Hands (And Minds)

Three construction workers are depicted: a man in a hard hat on the left, another man in workwear holding a tool in the center, and a woman in a hard hat and vest on the right.

If you follow Senderos on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll be familiar with a series we post each month that features the men and women behind the homes we build. Each post spotlights an employee from our team and we share a little about their lives and their role. Follow us — we are always spotlighting the amazing people who work to bring these homes to reality.



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A Little Bit of Everything to Discover | We 💜 Tama

A small café with wooden-framed windows open, showcasing baked goods in a display case. Hanging wicker lamps and green plants decorate the exterior.

Tamarindo’s continued transformation — from being one of the world’s best surf towns to being one of the world’s best small towns period — has been a delight to experience, and 2023 brought a number of new projects to the area. 

For example, Tama Rocks and Sol Bakery both brought their own unique take on Tamarindo’s particular flavor of Pura Vida, one that combines an easygoing attitude with a daily dose of creativity, connection, or challenge. 

A person in a white shirt and climbing shoes scales an indoor bouldering wall with colorful holds, reaching with one hand. The gym floor is covered with black mats.

Both Sol and Tamarocks are great spots to stop by, get a cup of coffee and a tasty, nutritious meal in a welcoming and happening community atmosphere. But where Sol Bakery has a fresh, cozy outdoor space to chat with friends or get a little work done, Tamarocks has a climbing challenge for any level thanks to dozens of routes curated and updated weekly. It’s all a part of the Tamarindo lifestyle, where we’re always surfing the line between ease and adventure.

Two people walking on a sandy beach near the water, one wearing a white dress and carrying a bag, the other in a green outfit holding a towel. They appear to be conversing and smiling.

And in the heart of town, the Tamarindo style is really starting to take shape. There are a blend of influences that shape the Tama aesthetic — part colorful bohemian, part elegant tropical, part surfer chic, with a splash of Tico influence — and you can find some of our favorite interpretations at boutiques and shops like Azul Profundo Boutique and Dreamland Sunglasses.

Take a stroll along the strip next time you’re here, and you never know what you might find!

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2023 Closes with Guanacaste on a Roll

Line graph showing Liberia International Airport's (LIR) airlift growth from 2010 to 2023, with a 16.5% annual increase. The trend line shows fluctuating but overall upward growth, peaking in 2023.

The numbers have come in as we close out 2023, and the results are clear — Guanacaste has completed a full recovery from the hard pandemic years, and is growing stronger than ever with annual airlift volume continuing to set records.

The average growth rate over more than a decade, even with the pandemic border closures factored in, is at 16.5% annually. With strong momentum, investor-friendly national policies, and a global cultural shift that favors small, vibrant, lifestyle-focused towns like Tamarindo, we expect to see growth continue at that rate or even accelerate in the coming years. 

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Connecting with What Matters Over the Holiday | The Tamarindo Almanac

People sit and walk along a beach at sunset with waves crashing in the background and boats on the horizon.

The arrival of the holiday season washes over Tamarindo like a joyful wave, bringing in more festivities, celebrations, events, and new faces than you could possibly count. It’s a time when you can see the whole region of Guanacaste come to life, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a busier epicenter for it all than our bustling surf town. 

And just taking a look out from the top of the mountain this time of year, it’s easy to see why. The mountains are still a lush rolling green from their many months of rain, but the winds have picked up to make afternoon showers a distant dream (until around May at least). The sun is warm but the weather is cooler thanks to plentiful shade, our tilt away from the sun, and the everpresent cooling effect of the Pacific. The waters are warm and clear almost every day. 

It’s no wonder the afternoon waves are dotted with surfers and sailing trips, why the tour operators are busy as bees, why the restaurants are bustling and the bars are raucous in the best way, filled with three, four, five different translations of ‘cheers!’ and the sound of laughter.

But you can find bustling beaches and busy beach towns all around the world this time of year, especially in the tropics. What makes Costa Rica, and Tamarindo, just a little bit different is that ever present undercurrent of pura vida

Around Christmas and New Years, most Costa Ricans are out of the office and the businesses closed, with a mass migration home to see family, retrace old traditions like late-night mass and making tamales, and altogether focus on resting, connecting, and rejuvenating for the year to come. 

That’s not unique to Ticos, of course, but what can stand out is just how universal this end-of-year wind-down is, and what it tells us about the country’s priorities — making time for your family, focusing on good times and holiday cheer, and taking just a few moments of stillness, reflection, and celebration. 

If you ask Ticos why exactly they take these end-of-year vacations, you might get a strange look and the offer to come roll tamales until you had your head on straight. That’s just how things are done here, and the idea that elsewhere in the world things just keep on — with pedal to the metal and scarcely a moment to relax — seems almost alien. 

And maybe it should seem natural to stop and relax as the year comes to an end. There’s certainly enough research to show that humans are happier, healthier, more productive, and live longer when they take time to relax and rejuvenate, and Costa Rica is one of the strongest examples that research is built upon. 

So if you’re here over the holidays, coming to visit one day, or reaching the end of the year wherever you are in the world, it might be worth taking a pura vida perspective to the festive season. Just a few less activities, just a little less time spent rushing around, and more time focusing on those Costa Rican priorities — quality time with family, intentional time for stillness and relaxation, and all throughout the season rediscovering a splash of old traditions and holiday cheer.

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From Our Family to Yours…

Graphic image with glowing yellow holiday lights on a dark blue background, featuring a central white banner with the text "Happy Holidays" and the logo "Senderos" at the bottom.

From sunny Costa Rica, and our little surf town on the coast of Guanacaste, we’d like to extend warm wishes to everyone in our community — our homeowners, our homebuilding team, our office and engineering staff, our visitors, our agents and partners, and particularly anyone just starting to dream about a life in paradise. 

We could not have accomplished what we did this year without you, so as we celebrate the work of 2023, and as we look ahead to the possibilities and opportunities of 2024, we raise a toast to you and your loved ones from the entire Senderos Family. 

Felices Fiestas y un Maravilloso Año Nuevo!

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