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The Senderos Trust


The Senderos Team is devoted to our owners, residents and to the larger community of Tamarindo. To underscore this commitment, we have pledged to donate 1% of our sales. These proceeds will be deposited into a trust to be managed by the homeowners in Senderos.

Engaging with each other & giving back

The Senderos Trust supports the community in two ways:
First, it donates half of its annual gift to the Town of Tamarindo in support of community projects. Senderos sees itself as an active resident of Tamarindo and we believe it is our civic duty to contribute to the town’s safety, preservation, healthy progress and growth.

Second, the other half of its annual gift is in the form of grants to support Senderos residents’ social activities and amenities. We want residents to feel supported as they look for ways to enjoy and enhance their experience in the project. Residents have both the freedom and the economic support to follow their interests and share with the larger community.