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Things to do in Tamarindo – Costa Rica’s Premier Destination

Nestled along Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, in Guanacaste province, Tamarindo beckons to those in pursuit of luxury living. From beachfront estates with infinite swimming pools and tropical gardens to gourmet dining and secluded beaches, this popular destination merges natural beauty with refined living.

Tamarindo’s charm lies in the harmony of rugged landscapes with creative and modern flair, resulting in carefully curated experiences like private yachting in Tamarindo Bay, gourmet dining, wellness retreats, and many more.

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Stunning Beaches and the Charms of Tamarindo

Tamarindo’s allure lies in its ability to cater to the tastes of expats, locals, and investors. From serene beachfront estates to eco-tours and fabulous day trips to explore gorgeous national parks, the town of Tamarindo Beach offers a taste of opportunity like no other. 

Private Beach Retreats: Coastal Bliss

As the sun lights the horizon over Playa Tamarindo, you can see why so many have settled here. Yet, Playa Tamarindo isn’t the only delightful beach in the area. Venture a little further to discover a plethora of other beautiful beaches, including Playa Langosta, where pristine sands meet the lush greenery, a welcome complement to the bustle of the Tamarindo beachfront. 

Eco-Luxury Adventures

Elsewhere nearby is Playa Grande, a popular beach and sanctuary adjacent to Tamarindo. There, you can hike through untouched trails in Las Baulas National Park, where leatherback turtles nest in the unspoiled habitat. Another option is Playa Avellanas, just south of Tamarindo, which offers an expedition through Hacienda Pinilla’s diverse ecosystems, concluding on its pristine shores overlooking the turquoise waters.

Artisanal Boutiques & Galleries

Part of the joy here is exploring the craftsmanship and artistry in Tamarindo. You can wander Tamarindo’s enchanting streets and uncover handmade jewelry, clothing, and art. You can delight in the work of Tamarindo’s Art Wave, a collective that celebrates local creativity, or immerse yourself in Galería Atalaida, where Costa Rican artistry flourishes. And you’re never more than a few steps from the breeze and the waves of Playa Tamarindo’s shorelines.

Popular Activities in Tamarindo

Tamarindo’s Surfing Elegance

The iconic Playa Tamarindo, nestled along the town’s coastline, offers a range of waves that caters to both beginners and experienced surfers. Beginners can take to the gentle waves near the estuary, perfect for honing skills and building confidence. For those seeking more excitement, the Tamarindo Rivermouth is the perfect spot for consistent waves, delivering an exhilarating ride that mirrors the town’s high-energy ambiance.

Adjacent to Tamarindo, Playa Langosta offers a different flavor of surf. This surfing spot is known for its long, consistent waves that are a playground for advanced surfers, and the break at Langosta Point delivers powerful waves that challenge even the most skilled riders. And for the ultimate Costa Rican surfing experience, just a short boat ride away lies Witch’s Rock, a world-renowned surf spot that beckons to the most daring wave enthusiasts. 

Yachting and Sailing: Navigating the Pacific in Style

Embark on the Marlin del Rey boat cruise, a journey that combines adventure and relaxation and delights passengers with beautiful sunsets. Complete with kayaking and snorkeling tours to immerse yourself in the water’s wonders, and accented by a top-shelf open bar and fresh-prepared lunch that ensure a boat tour like no other.

Deep-sea fishing ventures also beckon on the waves, promising the thrill of reeling in nature’s grandest prizes since Tamarindo boasts some of the world’s finest sportfishing opportunities. With a legacy spanning over a decade, Captain Lee Keidel, a USCG Licensed professional, and his skilled crew have been dedicated to ensuring that your fishing excursion along northern Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula is both memorable and successful.

Golfing in Paradise: Teeing Off Amid Coastal Grandeur

Explore the famed 18-hole course at Reserva Conchal, crafted by golf legend Robert Trent Jones. Just a 20-minute drive north of Tamarindo, this course caters to players of all levels, offering both relaxation and excitement.

Or you can elevate your game at Hacienda Pinilla, renowned for its lush forest atmosphere and challenging play. Designed by acclaimed course architect Mike Young, this course lets you immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s natural beauty while testing your skills. Notably, the Hacienda Pinilla course is an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, underscoring its dedication to environmental harmony.

man surfing in Senderos, Costa Rica

More Outdoor Activities for More Memorable Moments

And these are just the start. Here are a few ways to elevate your Tamarindo experience with thrilling outdoor activities and adventure tours that promise unforgettable memories.

  • A Horseback Riding Tour at Hacienda Pinilla: Explore the heart of Costa Rica on horseback, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner. Their stables offer a variety of horseback ridingtours suitable for all levels of experience. 
  • Volcano Adventures at Hacienda Guachipelin: Embark on an all-day journey to Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, featuring ziplining, horseback riding, river tubing, hot springs, and more. The zip line course includes rappelling, a tarzan swing, and a rock-climbing wall. 
  • ATV and UTV Excursion with Action CR Tours: Traverse trails, mountains, rivers, and beaches on an ATV or UTV, soaking in breathtaking North Pacific views and encountering local wildlife. 
  • 15 Love Club: Tennis and Pickleball Delight: Join for some friendly sporting competition at 15 Love Club, boasting two tennis courts and six pickleball courts. With open play pickleball three days a week, clinics, and regular competitions, it’s perfect for meeting fellow players. 

Entertainment & Dining: The Best Restaurants in Town

Embark on a gastronomic journey that traverses the world through the lens of exquisite restaurants. Tamarindo offers a culinary mosaic that caters to a range of tastes, blending upscale elegance with casual comfort, all crafted using the finest ingredients.

  • Oceanfront Elegance: Pangas, with its mesmerizing ocean vista and sunsets, is renowned for impeccable ingredients and top-tier service. It’s not just about the view; Pangas’ culinary reputation shines, and its staff will also oversee Senderos Beach Club’s dining, promising unmatched experiences ahead.
  • Dragonfly: Nestled downtown, Dragonfly is a culinary gem. Known for exceptional cuisine, it presents a harmonious blend of flavors with an array of wines, cocktails, and craft beers. Yet, it’s the impeccable service that truly sets Dragonfly apart, ensuring an extraordinary dining journey.
  • Villa Deevena: Beyond the town, Villa Deevena awaits, a 30-minute drive of culinary delight. Regarded highly, Chef Patrick Jamon crafts an original menu within a relaxed ambiance. It’s more than dining; it’s an exploration of flavors and moments worth every mile.

VIP Nightlife Escapades: Nocturnal Elegance

As the sun sets over this splendid beach town’s horizon, the vibrant nightlife awaits your embrace. 

  • Upscale Experiences: Tamarindo’s upscale bars beckon, offering gorgeous interiors and curated drinks. Start at Pangas Beach Club, sipping handcrafted cocktails amidst ocean breezes and breathtaking sunsets. 
  • Vibrant Gatherings: Volcano Brewing captures community spirit with craft beers and diverse dishes south of the Tamarindo Roundabout. Chiringuito Bar, in town, is known for its chic design and versatile menu. These venues embody the camaraderie and energy that define Tamarindo’s social scene.
  • Beachfront Elegance: Enjoy a taste of beachside bliss at Langosta Beach Club, with VIP packages for lounges, cabanas, and delightful ambiance. 

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Fitness & Health: Elevating Wellness in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a place where wellness transcends boundaries, offering an array of experiences that support the pursuit of a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

Personalized Fitness Retreats

There are numerous opportunities to indulge in wellness journeys tailored to your individual needs, guided by private trainers and holistic programs. For example, you could begin your mornings with yoga or fitness sessions in a nice setting at Ser Om Shanti Yoga or the White Lotus.

Or engage in invigorating guided hikes through lush landscapes, reconnecting with nature’s vitality. With bespoke fitness plans, your path to well-being can be personalized and invigorating, inspiring you to reach new heights of vitality.

Exquisite Spa Retreats

Altos de Eros spa boasts eight beautiful open-air treatment rooms, a heated hydro-therapy pool, and a cascading waterfall. With a team of experienced professionals committed to making a profound impact on guests’ lives, it’s a retreat that rejuvenates both body and soul.

Or experience SPA Maya, a welcoming spa that has been serving the Tamarindo community for numerous years. Through a blend of alternative and traditional therapies, they offer a comprehensive approach to wellness and relaxation.

Getting Around in Tamarindo: Effortless Travel 

There are numerous transportation services available for the residents of Tamarindo

  • Taxi Services: Taxis in Tamarindo are one of the simplest ways to traverse the town and with a wide variety of options.
  • Private Transfers and Limousine Services: With drivers who prioritize your comfort and privacy, these services offer a discreet and relaxing way to travel, be it to social events, appointments, or leisurely explorations.
  • Golf Carts and Bike Rentals: Golf carts provide both convenience and a leisurely experience, allowing you to revel in the open air and natural beauty of Tamarindo at your own pace. If you’re seeking a more active mode of transportation, bike rentals from establishments like Handlebar let you explore the town powered by your own two feet.
  • Seamless Airport Transfers: Airport transfers are tailored to cater to your luxurious travel preferences. Whether you’re arriving or departing, these services ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to begin or conclude your journey in style.

Seamless Luxury Living: Essential Services in Tamarindo

Nestled within the embrace of Tamarindo’s opulent lifestyle are essential services designed to cater to the unique needs of luxury property owners. These services extend a welcoming hand, ensuring that every facet of your life is enriched with convenience and excellence.

  • Financing and Banking Excellence: Tamarindo offers a range of banking services to match your discerning financial needs. There are easily accessible ATMs at BAC-ATM Automercado or Vindi Tamarindo, and banking services are available at Banco Nacional or BAC (which we can assist with).
  • Cultivating Language and Knowledge: Learning new things is a big part of the way of life in Tamarindo, and there are a number of Spanish schools ready if you’re interested in immersing yourself in the Costa Rican language and culture. Wayra Spanish Institute, EF International Language Campus, Coastal Spanish Institute, SG Spanish Partner School, and CSI offer comprehensive language programs, fostering a deeper connection with the local culture.
  • Medical Excellence and Well-Being: Nurturing your well-being is paramount, and Tamarindo’s medical facilities echo this commitment. Hospital Metropolitano, Beach Side Clinic, and San Rafael Arcangel Medical Center provide 24/7 care, easily accessible from anywhere in Tamarindo, ensuring your health is a priority.
  • Excellent Education Institutions: The town is privileged to host a selection of full-time schools that cater to the highest standard of education. La Paz, situated 400 meters east of Mar Vista in Brasilito, and CRIA, located 500 meters south of Reserva Conchal in Brasilito, both offer a superb education anmd immersion for students in the Costa Rican language and culture.