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Travel Continues to Improve! | Travel Update December 2020

Glad to share another positive update as travel continues to rebound via our local Liberia International Airport. From September to October, arrivals tripled. They went up by 6x from October to November once borders opened. And we’re already on track for close to 30% growth into December, with two weeks left to go. 

This month we have data from 9 cities flying direct to Liberia (compared to 5 from last month), and we’re already seeing December on track for more than 11,000 visitors, which would already be a 20% increase over the November total. 

That’s without even counting the usual rush around the holidays and the New Year, so we are fully expecting to welcome even more visitors to Guanacaste soon. 

All signs point to travel in Gaunacaste coming back to healthy levels. For a region that thrives on tourism, this bounce back is a powerful piece of good news as we look ahead to next year.