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Update on Senderos Progress to Date

Senderos, formerly Tamarindo Heights, is a new community of ocean and mountain view lots and luxury homes tucked into the rolling ridgelines that cradle bustling Tamarindo, Costa Rica

As part of our commitment to transparency on the work we are doing to add value to the community, we look forward to providing you on milestones reached. Check back here often for updates as we continue to grow the community and bring to life the vision for Senderos (better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and you will get these updates in your inbox about once every six weeks).

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Dec. 5, 2019

Our first update is a run-down of the milestones reached since joining the project in February and developing, together with current residents, the vision for a community redefining luxury seaside living in Tamarindo:

Integer Construction joins Tamarindo Heights in February 2019 as the owner of remaining lots in phase 1 and all lots in phases 2, 3 and 4.

In our first months, we have focused mainly on establishing the vision for Senderos, home plan development for specific lots, permitting, creation of a new board of directors with existing residents, and preparing for the relaunch of Tamarindo Heights as Senderos in December 2019.

Specifically, we have been working on the design and engineering of the infrastructure for Phase 2 of the project. We have implemented some minor improvements in landscaping and utilities where necessary in the existing Phase 1. As of early December 2019, we are pleased to share that we are very close to final approval for Phase 2 construction permits. We’re building a new vision, home plan development for specific lots, and put an architect’s guild into place.

Concurrent to the important work of planning and permitting, we have prioritized building community with existing residents and understanding their needs and ideals for the development. We formed a new board of directors to establish a leadership structure and create a shared vision for the community moving forward.

As this groundwork has been in progress, we have been raising awareness for the development in the local community and beyond, and have begun sharing the vision for Senderos moving forward. We are encouraged by the response and interest in the project thus far.

Quick facts & figures

  • Phase 1
    • Lots are 70% sold (14 out of 46 left)
    • 6 homes currently completed, 5 under construction
    • Only available ocean view on the A-line closed in November 2019 for approximately $600,000.

Looking Ahead

With Tamarindo Heights now officially renamed as Senderos, we are full steam ahead, targeting a January 2020 start for the building of infrastructure and then shortly after that, the redesigned front entrance. We invite you to take a look at our master plan and will be sharing progress in the coming months. 

If you have any questions about Senderos or would like more information on our community and current availability, please write to