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We ? Tama | A Breath of Fresh Air With Marlin del Rey

Setting out sailing on a catamaran is as iconic an activity as walking the streets and beaches of Tama, or addling out for an early morning surf.

And as CR turns the corner, the catamarans have returned to the ocean, with new precautions and measures in place to deliver the same classic excursions along the Guanacaste coast. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind Marlin del Rey, one of the most popular and well-known catamaran tour services in Guanacaste, and discuss how they’ve taken the steps to ensure that they can bring this iconic getaway back to the beaches of Tamarindo.

Tours with the Marlin Del Rey

Marlin del Rey offers both public and private tours that set sail from Playa Tamarindo and sail up the coast, cruising smoothly along the calm waters to one of the hidden beaches beyond Playa Grande and Las Baulas National Park. 

With an open bar, snacks, smoothies, and cocktails available along the way, this casual cruise offers a chance to get out of town and see the rugged coast of Costa Rica from the sea, before arriving and anchoring for a late morning or afternoon of aquatic activities. 

Whether snorkeling along the volcanic rock reefs to see the hundreds of varieties of reef fish, setting out for a paddle, playing in the waves, or simply relaxing and enjoying the sun, these tours are pure Pura Vida, and also include catered beach classics like arroz y pollo, black bean dips, piña coladas, and more. 

Our favorite are the afternoon/evening trips because of the beautiful sunsets out on the water. As the catamarans cruise back to port, captains slow down, turn west, and enjoy the gentle ocean breeze as the sun hits the water. 

A Breath of Fresh Air | Catamarans in the Covid Era

The Marlin del Rey team has worked hard to bring this classic experience back to the shores of Tamarindo, and were the first catamaran tour company operating again for both public and private tours on November 01, 2020. 

Central to this safe reopening was the del Rey team’s work to obtain the safe travel seal implemented by the ICT (Costa Rican Institute for Tourism), to ensure that their aquatic travel, serving food, and aquatic activities can all be performed safely. 

“We know how difficult this has been for everyone, and we have been working very hard to get back on the water in a way that’s safe and fun! We love getting to share the beauty of our coast with everyone we meet, and we can’t wait to see you back out on the water with us!”

— Cinthia, from the Marlin del Rey Team

Setting Sail With Marlin del Rey

Thanks to the hard work of the Marlin del Rey team, most of the experience is unchanged, with two factors to note. 

  • First, all participants are required to bring a mask or face covering to help ensure the safety of all onboard during moments of close interaction
  • And second, all public tours have been reduced to a maximum capacity of 40 guests (from their usual peak of 75) to allow greater distancing between groups

Options for both private and public tours can be found on the Marlin Del Rey website, which also includes their easy contact numbers and online reservation. 

You can also reach out to our team at for assistance. 

The coming summer months are the best time to be out on the water, hoping to be out enjoying a tour with Marlin del Rey soon!