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A Welcome to Gina Paris | Senderos Team Introductions

Today we’re excited to share an excellent addition to the Senderos team — Gina Paris, who brings a passion for the Costa Rican beach life and contagious enthusiasm in her new role as our new concierge and sales coordinator. 

Getting to Know Gina

A native Costa Rican, with several years of experience working directly with clients, and a certified translator, Gina is well-suited to represent the Senderos project. She loves the Tamarindo area, meeting new people, and is an expert in client service.

After graduating from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica in 2012, her career took her to a variety of customer-facing roles in the General Area Metropolitano, rising quickly to her role as a sales supervisor. 

After moving on from her career in San José, she set off in search of new opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and joins the Senderos team in Tamarindo in what she calls “a dream come true.”

“I’m so excited to be here, living in such a beautiful, exciting town! I can’t wait to help our potential homeowners fall in love not only with the beauty of Costa Rica but about what it is to build a life here in Tamarindo.”

“We’re incredibly blessed to live in this country, and I can’t wait to help welcome more people to add to this wonderful place!”

5 Quick Questions with Gina

Senderos Team: First off, welcome to the team Gina! It’s great to see our Senderos family continuing to grow. 

Gina Paris: Thanks so much! It’s great to be here. 

ST: How would your friends describe you? 

GP: Hmmmm. I think my friends would describe me as being outgoing, extroverted, adventurous, funny, self-loving, charismatic, empathetic, and affectionate with my loved ones.

ST: All great traits! How are you enjoying your move to Tamarindo? Are there any fun stories you can share about your first few days here?

GP: I’m having a great time so far! I used to come to Guanacaste all the time from San José when I was a kid, so it’s a bit like coming home. Tamarindo is always changing though, so I always love coming to town and seeing what new things there are so far.

ST: What’s your favorite part of being in Guanacaste? What does a day look like in the life of Gina so far?

GP: So far, my rhythm is to go to the beach a ton, with workouts in the morning. And then I go watch the beautiful sunsets in the late afternoon or early evening.

ST: Fitting right into the way of life here!

GP: Si! Me gusta mucho. 

ST: What are you most excited about with living here?

GP: I can’t wait until I have my mountain bike with me! I’ve always been a big fan of MTB with my family, and I never get sick of riding around here. Even after this long, it feels like there’s always a new trail, backroad, or spot you might never have thought about before.

ST: It must be nice to get out of the city! What are the big differences between here and where you’ve lived before?

GP: Well, it’s quite different to be honest. Living here is like living in a whole different place as it has its own culture, the weather is a lot warmer than in the city. You see people from all around the world, plus of course, there are tons of amazing beaches and different activities you can do! 

I’m still kind of amazed sometimes that I finally get to live here, especially after coming here on vacation so often as a kid. But I’m totally loving it!

ST: Well here’s hoping that you keep loving it! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us Gina, and welcome to the team!

GP: Thanks for having me! I’m very excited

Make the Move

If you’re interested in getting to know Gina and the rest of the sales team, you can reach out to them at Together, they can answer any questions you might have about changing to life in Tamarindo if you’re thinking about a move to Costa Rica!